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York, PA 17403
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Custom Fine Jewelry

Gem Boutique creates dazzling jewelry that is both beautiful and comfortable enough for everyday wear. We select gems of exquisite color, cut and clarity. Then we handcraft them into a design that is at once joyful and unique.
One continuous WOW!


Completely Hand Crafted

Shop for fashion to satisfy even the most discriminating customer. Combining nature’s precious stones and creative vision, Gem Boutique hand crafts personal works of art
to be timeless classics.



GIA Graduate Gemologist

Trust our GIA Graduate Gemologist for accurate evaluation and appraisals. A blend of top notch gemological experience and gracious customer service means a delightful and worthwhile shopping experience.



Client Testimonial

Very friendly and honest people. I was so happy to get so much money for my gold and I wasn’t expecting that much.
- Wendy Kratz
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